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Wednesday, May 28, 2003  

The Bitch is Back
After nearly three hours of dicking with the PC afterwork lastnight she is back up and running. The whole process was really a mixed bag for me. On some level I enjoy tinkering with the hardware. But as SOON as software gets involved and I have to see if all my tinkering WORKS all the joy i sucked out of the process. I get VERY frustrated very fast when things don't work out and I'm forced to deal with BOIS settings and drivers and crap. Exasperating the frustrations yesterday is when I discovered that Fry's had sold me, not the 2.0GHz Athlon that we asked for, but a 1.6GHz chip. So we basically paid $80 for 300MHz increase in processing power. Which is sucky. And of course I realized this after I had already glued the heat-sink and fan to the processor and installed it. Fuckers. But after putting it all together and swapping out the Hard drive it booted and accepted an installation of Windows XP. She was re-christened "Nefertiti" to go with the Egyptian Gods theme of our cyper-stuff, and is running fast. I'm pretty happy with the set up now, and the only real weak-link is the Video-card (which is an ATI Readon 64MB) and maybe the non-DDR ram. Julie also bought me a brand new Western Digital 120GB hard drive for $140, with $80 in rebates dropping the final price to 60 bucks (.50 a gig!) This will go into the Firewire enclosure that I ordered yesterday and become the music drive and serve as my video editing scratch disk. Anybody want a 1.3GHz Athlon? I think Julie misses OS X already.

The whole experience of buying the parts and installing them gave me flashbacks to working on the Triumph with my Dad. I enjoyed working on cars on a theoretical level, but not really the ACT of working on them. My dad would get frustrated fast and that would make the experience unpleasant. I was startled by how much like my father I was last-night: I was having a good time until the boot-sequence failed because of a bad hard drive and then I went from 0 to pissed-off in 0.4 seconds. The older I get the more I resemble my father (both in appearance and personality.) And this isn't a bad thing at all! I respect and look up to my dad to this day. I just have to identify the aspects of his personality that caused HIM problems in his life and avoid running into the same pit-falls.

Ok... That got more introspective than I was planning... All I wanted to do in this post was draw some parallels between old-school hot-rod culture and new-school computer-moders culture. But I'll let Mr. Doctorow say it instead.

posted by JMV | 5/28/2003 02:43:00 PM
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